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SECURE YOUR BUSINESS' FUTURE with geopolitical and economic resilience

We empower businesses and decision makers with the insights needed to capitalize on emerging trends, new opportunities, navigating risk and constructing economies of the future.

The Allonia Advantage

A global, economic restructuring is underway. Allonia Group assists businesses with identifying opportunities and reducing risk in a volatile and ever-changing business environment. We aim to support business advancements in supply chain management, the energy transition, technology metals, and country reconstruction.

Our extensive experience in geopolitical risk, forecasting, economic modeling, and international exchanges enables us to create a unique framework that allows us to extract order, clarity, and predictability amidst the world’s chaos. We call this framework the Allonia Advantage.

Managing Non-Market Risk

Non-market forces impact every business. Everything from public interests, political forces behind policies, and the flow of information shape the reality in which business and investors operate. Globally, this creates a tension that companies feel and need to manage.

Allonia Group enhances the general supply chain management process by providing a systematized method for safely navigating strategic changes and uncertainty. We assess geopolitical and geoeconomic risks pertinent to your needs and provide a road map for leveraging the current market and non-market potential.

Solutions we offer

Operating in today’s business environment requires investors and companies to have a high level of geopolitical resilience that compliments their traditional business strategy. Without it, companies and investors expose themselves to an array of risks and vulnerabilities that could otherwise be avoided or mitigated. All of our services will help your company build a geopolitical resilience, mitigate risk and thrive in the face of volatility and uncertainty.


We equip companies with the adeptness to identify business opportunities, be the first to observe emerging trends, capitalize on economic growth factors and have greater confidence in supply chain risk assessments


We provide companies with the foresight needed to mitigate geopolitical threats and offset risk through early warnings and tailored, current event analysis


We work alongside companies for customized scenario planning, market entry strategy, market resilience planning, stakeholder engagement, and geopolitical risk assessments by country and economic sector.


We offer decision support to the C-suite level, training for in-house risk assessment capabilities, business partner networking and risk profiling on potential investments

Featured Industries

The transformation of critical industries will shape the future of the global economy. We leverage our subject matter expertise to support the forward-thinking companies, investors, and decision-makers driving this transformation.

Allonia Insights

Our thoughts on geopolitical trends and developments that will impact key industries.

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